Meditation on Psalm 111

Meditation on Psalm 111 (Preached 9.8.13)

What are your fears? Where do you put your trust? Read more…

Meditation on Psalm 33

Meditation on Psalm 33 (Preached 8.25.13)

In what do you put your hope?


Read Psalm 33 slowly.

Use the “COMA questions for Hebrew wisdom literature and poetry” from David Helm’s book One to One Bible Reading: A Simple Guide for Every Christian.  See last’s week’s post for a link to these questions. Read more…

Meditation of Psalm 104

Meditation on Psalm 104 (Preached 8.18.13)

We sing “how great is our God.” We teach our children “God is great. God is good.”

But how do we know that God is great and God is good?

 Psalm 104 invites us to Worship the Lord because He is Great . . . because He is Good. Read more…

Psalm 19

Psalm 19

There is no more fundamental question than “Who is God?”

But how do you know who God is?

Psalm 19 shows us how both the skies and the scriptures invite us to know and enjoy God. Read more…

Meditation on Psalm 2


Our Text: Psalm 2

Read slowly through the whole passage.

Meditations on the Scripture (Psalm 1)


Meditation on Scripture consists of prayerfully reading and reflecting on the Scriptures as we grow to know and enjoy God in Christ.

·      Our aim in meditation is to hear, believe, and obey God’s Word so that we can increasingly reflect God’s character in our lives.

·      One way to meditate on the Scriptures is to read them out loud and to ask questions as we read. Read more…