Meditation on Psalm 111

Meditation on Psalm 111 (Preached 9.8.13)

What are your fears? Where do you put your trust?


Read Psalm 111 slowly.

Use the “COMA questions for Hebrew wisdom literature and poetry” from David Helm’s book One to One Bible Reading: A Simple Guide for Every Christian.See last’s week’s post for a link to these questions.


Read Psalm 111 a second time and ask:

·      What does it teach us about God?

·      What does it teach us about who we are and what God expects from us?


Read Psalm 111 a third time: look for four things:*

·      A light bulb: anything that shines out in the passage and draws attention; it can be something important, or something that particularly strikes you.

·      A question mark: anything that is hard to understand; something that you would like to be able to ask the author about.

·      An arrow: anything that applies to your life.

·      A Heart: identify the central idea of the passage (What’s the main point of the text?).


*This reading strategy also comes from David Helm’s book One to One Bible Reading: A Simple Guide for Every Christian.See chapter 8.



Readings for Reflection: You may also look for a light bulb, a question mark, and an arrow in these thoughts.

“. . . fear always ask the same questions: ‘Who will you trust? Where will you turn when you are afraid or anxious?’ The story of Scripture is one in which God demonstrates himself to be trustworthy, and then he invites wary people to trust him. Given such an attractive invitation, you would think that none could resist, but we all have our reasons for putting our trust in things we can see.”

Ed Welch, Depression, 130


Read and reflect on Exodus 16 using the questions from above.


What do you fear? What do you not want? What do you tend to worry about? Sinful fears are inverted cravings. If I want to avoid something at all costs—loss of reputation, loss of control, poverty, ill health, rejection, etc.—I am ruled by a lustful fear. (See Matt. 6:26-32; 13:22).”

D.Powilson, “X-ray Questions,” in Seeing with New Eyes,133.




Sermon Review

Text: Psalm 111

Main Point of the Text (MPT): Practice the fear of the Lord.

Main Point of the Sermon (MPS): You can face your fears . . .


You can face your fears because . . . (3 Reasons)

. . . God is working in your life (111:1-6)

Apply: (1) What is God doing in your life? (2) Do you love & trust God with your whole heart?


. . . God will provide (111:5)

Apply: Seeking God’s grace today, trusting him for tomorrow.


. . . God has committed himself to you (111:7-9)

Apply: the Gospel: showing how God committed himself to us when his Son, Jesus, was crucified and his blood was shed, he suffered and died in your place, for your sins, so that you could be redeemed from your slavery to sin and death.



Confess your fears as unbelief.

Examine the Scriptures and be confident in the love and faithfulness of God.