Mission 555: Network Evangelism
Typical approaches to evangelism in the past have either involved crusade evangelism, or cold-call evangelism (door-to-door visitation). While not depreciating these strategies, we believe that an approach that takes into account those in our networks has real potential for effectiveness, and also has a historical legacy behind it. For the early church grew, in large measure, through a web of relationships.
The goal of the 555 strategy is to encourage, equip and inspire you to be more faithful at spreading the good news. It is designed to help you get started, taking small steps, in this important endeavor by giving you some tangible ways to interact with those n your network. We think everyone can be involved. You can pray for those in your networks. Perhaps you can give an invite card to someone in your network. Hopefully, you can do all of this in the normal rhythm of your life without adding a new activity to an already busy schedule. This is the challenge to simply identify people where you live, work, eat, play, and go with Gospel intentionality. These people could be family, friends, coworkers, or strangers.
So here is the plan: 5 Networks 5 People in those networks – 5 Tasks.
5 Networks:
Familial Network: Family you have
Vocational Network: People you work with
Commercial Network: Businesses you frequent
Geographical Network: Neighbors you see
Relational Network: Friends you make (not necessarily neighbors)
Not everyone will have the same amount of people in the networks. That’s fine. Think about identifying more people in the other networks.
5 Tasks:
Pray for them
Serve them
Engage them in spiritual conversations
Invite them
Evangelize by speaking the Gospel with the aim to persuade
Identify 5 people in the 5 different networks. Maybe you don’t start with 5. Maybe it’s 3. Maybe it’s 1. Write their names down and commit to the 5 tasks. Next share your 555 experiences with us using the form below. Tell us how you are living out this vision in practical ways as we glorify God by helping people to follow Christ Jesus together.